Headless Beers No More

by Abhinav –  Why do people drink pints of beer out of glasses? Large bottles of beer, wine, or hard liquor are consumed out of glasses for obvious reasons. But why pints? I mean, they come in such pretty bottles! Why pour them into a glass? Why do people drink beers out of a glass? Well, as it turns out,…

Life is all about..!

by Sriraksha Bhagavan – At some point of time in our lives we all would have realised that things in life doesn’t always happen the way we wish for, Life is all about ups and downs. Life is all about moving away from comfort zones. Life is all about adjusting and adapting to new environments we encounter every now and then.…

Welcome Abhinav!

The NICE lab is pleased to welcome its newest member, Abhinav Raina.  Abhinav has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Shiv Nadar University and will be working as a Research Fellow with us on the effects of airborne chemical pollutants on the  molecular, cellular, and systems physiology of insects.  Welcome!

NCBS Annual Talks

The NICE Lab was well represented at the recent NCBS Annual Talks, January 3-5.  We had three posters representing our projects, and an oral presentation in the newly instituted student talk section. See some highlights below!

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