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Under the Banyan Tree, 2018:  Standing from L-R: Ananya Kundu, Aditi Mishra, Geetha GT, Hinal Kharva, Padmapriya Iyer, Katie Sottilare, Anupreksha Jain, Abhinav Raina, Srishti Batra, Shannon Olsson, Santosh Rajus, Tahir Ganzafar, In Tree L-R: Veto Kheosh, Srinivas Rao, Pavan Kaushik, Saptarshi Soham Mohanta, Jeetsagar Ghorai


Current Lab Members

Dr. Shannon Olsson – Principal Investigator

Srinivas Rao – NER-DBT Program Technician

Dr. Geetha GT – The impact of air pollution on pollination

Cheyenne Tait – The chemosensory basis for speciation in Rhagoletis; co-supervised with Dr. Jeff Feder, U. Notre Dame

Srishti Batra – The chemosensory basis for natural plant-derived pesticides

Pavan Kaushik – Quantifying decision making through ethology, ecology, and engineering

Hinal Kharva – Neuromodulation and speciation in Tephritid fruit flies

Aditi Mishra – Multimodal processing of pollination cues in hoverflies

Santosh Rajus – Coffee White Stem Borer:  Understanding its ecology and ethology

Sriraksha Bhagavan – Coffee White Stem Borer:  Understanding its ecology and ethology

Ananya Kundu – Structural properties of the insect olfactory receptor complex

Deepa Rajan – US Fulbright Scholar

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