Our Group


NICE Group “Selfie” 2017:  Clockwise from top left:  Cheyenne Tait, Srinivas Rao, Santosh Rajus, Geetha GT, Renuka Kulkarni, Jyothi Nair, Hinal Kharva, Shannon Olsson, Srishti Batra, Susan Mullen, Pavan Kaushik, Anubhav Dhar, Sriraksha Bhagavan, Sonia Sougrakpam

Current Lab Members

Dr. Shannon Olsson – Principal Investigator

Srinivas Rao – NER-DBT Program Technician

Dr. Geetha GT – The impact of air pollution on pollination

Cheyenne Tait – The chemosensory basis for speciation in Rhagoletis; co-supervised with Dr. Jeff Feder, U. Notre Dame

Srishti Batra – The chemosensory basis for natural plant-derived pesticides

Pavan Kaushik – Quantifying decision making through ethology, ecology, and engineering

Hinal Kharva – Neuromodulation and speciation in Tephritid fruit flies

Aditi Mishra – Multimodal processing of pollination cues in hoverflies

Santosh Rajus – Coffee White Stem Borer:  Understanding its ecology and ethology

Sriraksha Bhagavan – Coffee White Stem Borer:  Understanding its ecology and ethology

Abhinav Raina – The mechanistic effects of airborne particulate pollutants on insect molecular, cellular, and systems physiology.

Ananya Kundu – Structural properties of the insect olfactory receptor complex

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