A Dedication to Remarkable Humans

By Shannon – Science is often considered a profession where we attempt to suppress our humanity for the sake of objectivity. Yet it is our very humanity that makes science possible. Science is a reflection of our curiosity, our passion, and our drive for exploration. These traits can only be built from a foundation of hope fostered by kindness and compassion for each other as individuals.

We are now finishing one of the darkest years in our recent memory. Here in India, we faced unspeakable tragedies and enormous challenges that tested the very core of what it means to be human.

That’s why, more than ever before, I want to dedicate this New Year’s wish to the most remarkable group of humans I have ever encountered, the members of the NICE lab:

Anshika, Geetha, Pavan, Hinal, Aditi M, Gauri, Santosh, Jagath, Roopa, Aditi P, and all the intrepid interns we worked with in 2021.

Through all the hardships that each member faced in their personal and professional lives, they not only remained strong, but they remained kind.

The bravest individuals to ever live are those who face the heart of darkness and still remain a beacon of light to others.

I cannot express what their kindness, patience, empathy, and passion for science and for life has meant to me this year. At many points, it was the strength of the NICE lab that kept me going when nothing else could.

I am enormously grateful to be part of this group, and honored to have them be part of my life.

Thank you, NICE lab, for everything. May each of you follow the light you bring to others for a better tomorrow for all of us.

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