The NICE Group learns what it’s really like to be a fly on the wall

A mosquito, Aedes aegypti, in our VR arena

A mosquito, Aedes aegypti, in our VR arena

Our insect virtual reality study, built by Pavan Kumar Kaushik for his PhD research, was released this morning in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

See the VR in action in this lovely article by Harini Barath in NCBS News!

Pavan’s research caused quite a “buzz” in the media, being picked up by several news outlets across the globe as original stories:

CNN: “Scientists create video game to unlock how flies navigate“, Katie Hunt

Inverse: “These insects are annoying, but they might just save your life“, Sarah Wells

Haaretz: “Scientists Just Figured Out Why It’s So Hard to Swat a Fruit Fly“, Ruth Schuster

Der Tagespeigel: “Moderne Verhaltensforschung Wenn Fliegen fliegen und ihre Rechner rechnen“, Richard Friebe

ResearchMatters: “Using virtual reality to understand how insects fly“, Spoorthy Raman

Cosmos Magazine: “Fancy VR fact-finds fly flight“, Ian Connellan

Times of India “Scientists use virtual reality to know how insects find objects

and more to come!

Congratulations Pavan on your amazing work!

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