A toast to our group for 2020

To our group – Five years ago, we started with just a box in an empty room:

photo 2-1

Now the NICE lab hosts the most passionate, the most dedicated, and the most wonderful group of scientists in the world.  fullsizeoutput_65a7

You are my inspiration. You are the reason I love being a scientist. Thank you for teaching me new wonders each and every day, and for giving me the greatest gift anyone could offer – hope for a bright future. With you, I believe all things are possible.

Here’s to a new decade of discoveries!  Happy 2020, NICE Group.


  One thought on “A toast to our group for 2020

  1. Soumitra Pal
    May 22, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Dear Dr. Shannon,
    Very inspiring to read about your ‘nice’ lab. In a time when most talented scientists from India are moving and settling abroad, I am really intrigued about why you did the reverse. It would be of great honor if I could meet you and chat someday.
    Thank you and best wishes for your awesome projects.


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