An inspiration from Nature

by Srinivas Rao – The earth is now facing many problems such as climate change and droughts, and all of them result from human activities. Although 71% of the Earth is covered by water and the land that we live on only makes up the remaining 29%, water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges and an urgent problem for our planet. The human population explosion has brought larger demands for water than ever before which results in reduction in safe drinking water year by year, causing depletion of usable freshwater resources, pollution of water bodies etc. No life can survive without water so it is necessary to protect clean water from decreasing from now on.  For animals and plants to be able to thrive, they have to adapt. Speaking about survival and innovation, one such example and inspiration is Fogstand beetle native to Africa.


This is one such sustainable biomimicry example for conservation of water. There are several ideas from nature that we humans can look to for inspiration for solving problems and preserving our own future on this planet.

Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’’

What more inspiration is locked within our world’s biodiversity? Only by studying and preserving our world’s amazing diversity can we learn from and grow along with it.



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