Shannon featured by Sci-Illustrate’s Spotlight!

This week Shannon was featured by Sci-Illustrate’s “In the Spotlight” Series by Dr. Radhika Patnala. They note:

An inspired scientist, a mother and a wonderful human being, it is our privilege to host Shannon Olsson and her Naturalist Inspired Chemical Ecology (NICE) lab Odor Objects at @National Centre for Biological Sciences – NCBS, India.

As our first profile on our new series Sci-Illustrate Spotlight, hear her graciously share with us personal and professional truths that she learnt through her academic journey: from finding your academic passion, being a group leader, pursuing research in india, to standing up for oneself.

A full-length feature about her and her work is also published on our Medium publication, so be sure to have a look!

See the post and embedded videos and links here:

View at


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