by Shalini V – A long time ago ago now, when I was in 9th grade, we moved to our new house. My sister and I were super excited, but then came the real task – unpacking things and organizing. So we all were set to get things done. Then came the problem. We had some old and worn out furniture which we did not want to keep. But our parents had other ideas. We had an old wooden dressing table and a computer table I remember ever since I was born. They had aged, their legs were weak, and they were not able to carry their load anymore. So, we dismantled them. The mirror of the dressing table still looked young and stylish and soon found its place on the wall. We were able to convert one of the table portions into a writing pad. The old mugs were our new pen stand. So this process went on where something was converted into another and we made space for new things. Then came the clothes section and here, too, as it happens in most houses, some old cotton clothes was turned into dusting cloths, or given to others.

You might be wondering what is the meaning of this. This happens in most houses.  Let’s look at this from another angle – let’s look into our mind. Everyday our heads are filled with lots of new things to keep ourselves updated and find creative solutions to meet unmet needs. Today, it’s not enough to use known facts to bring change. Our creativity in using these facts to solve problems plays a most important role. At present, we have lot of things in our mind, both old and new, some happy and some sad. All these ideas affect our creativity in one way or the other, so why not apply our old rule:




Keep what is needed and discard others. Explore ourselves, find our passion, our hidden talents, our childish plays and thoughts, mend it here and there to make it more useful. Let’s try it and create a new energetic and creative mind everyday. Our very own creative mind tailored for our current needs.



Dismantle: how to deconstruct your mind and built a personal creativity machine by Shlomo Maital

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