Saving Nature

Editor’s Note: Sumit is a recent graduate of Bangalore University who performed his Master’s research on the Coffee White Stem Borer in our lab.


by Sumit Bawalia – I was always interested and concerned about the importance of species in a particular area. It’s been around 2 years since I shot this picture of a butterfly pollinating using my cell camera at Nandi hills in outskirts out Bangalore. The photo reminds me of a theory called the butterfly effect (Chaos theory) which says “if a butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico – a hurricane can occur in China”.  This theory simply means that even a small change can result in large differences. Even a millisecond delay in anything that happens can change an entire timeline. So imagine if a butterfly species goes extinct. No pollination, no fruits, and any plants relying on that species would become extinct, showing effects in the food chain. Just one species of butterfly becoming extinct can potentially wipe out multiple other species.


There could come a time when there will be nothing left to be protected. What we find beautiful today, that nature, we will find absent tomorrow. Our ignorance towards the environment today will be the last regret humankind will have. (The above photo was shot from the top of Nandi hills from my cell camera).


I shot this picture in early morning in my hometown (Bhera, Haryana) and I always wondered about camels that can survive for many days without water. The utilization of water by humankind lies on the edge of exploitation. Think of the whole world as a desert one day! And camels being the only mode of transport.

Simple to say but tough to implement:



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