Fun time with Kids and Science

by Hinal Kharva – On 10th March 2018 the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore had organized an open day where the great science laboratories and their cool experiments were open to the general public.  The overall goal of the event was to communicate the research of the different streams of sciences that the institute is working on, and give access and exposure to a layman.  This exercise helps both the researcher to develop skills in communicating science, and the general public for whom the science usually remains inaccessible due to complexities of textbooks and research articles.

I had a chance to visit this “science mela” along with few of the primary school kids from Thindlu Government School, Bangalore.  As many are aware, the IISc has a huge campus and even an entire day is not enough to visit all the departments.  So we ended up visiting only two departments, the Center for Neuroscience and Centre for Ecological Sciences.  Now, this time instead of writing long stories, I am keeping pictures, basically describing the live demos and specimens shown at both the departments.

What a weekend it was!  I wish all my weekends in Bangalore are as exciting like this. The best memories of this experience are all about those kids, their enthusiasm, curiosity and limitless energy to learn as much as possible.  My interaction with these kids charged me up for my own research work.  I would like to thank my partner in this event Swetha Suresh, and Note Book Drive for giving me this opportunity. 🙂


We started from NCBS.  Photo credit: Manohar


Centre for Neuroscience: Here the attraction was a demonstration of a real human brain. The student is explaining the different parts of human brain and their functions.

A vision lab gave us a demo of how depth perception works.  We got a chance to be a part of it.

Memory game:  Here you have to remember which coordinates are changing colour and in which direction.  Let me tell you, the kids did a pretty good job!


A model showing how magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) works. 

Of all the demonstrations, peeping through a microscope was their favourite. They are looking at different brain sections of mice.


Centre for Ecological Science: This picture shows shed skins of different poisonous and non-poisonous snake species.  They also explained about their behaviours and how to identify them.

They also had many posters for awareness of insects as well as other animals.These I thought were very important as they talk about myths and facts related to snakes.


Do they look tired?  No!
They continued their visits to other departments with colleagues from Note Book Drive.

  One thought on “Fun time with Kids and Science

    March 17, 2018 at 9:34 am

    It’s a great work that you are frequently doing for satisfying the curiosity and thrust of knowledge in science of children …you also gets new dimensions in ur research with this interaction with children…


  2. Siddharth kharva
    March 23, 2018 at 8:14 am

    Nice initiative.

    Its always exciting to be with kids , especially in the field of science as their curious mind always challenge us and definitely they will be benifited with lot new leaenings.

    Thanks to Hinal for nice articulation


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