They are watching us!

by Santosh Rajus – Walked through the woods or forest? Ever had a feeling that you are being constantly watched? Yes, indeed! Look closer and you will see them watching you, perfectly camouflaged and hoping that you won’t spot them. Here are a few pictures, it took me sometime to spot them in field, I have zoomed in for easier view. Happy spotting!

Leaf insect at its best

Can you see the leaf insect?

Brown vine snake mimicking branch movement

How about the vine snake?

Frog looking like tree bark

Where is the frog?

Lapwing chick hiding from me

Do you see the lapwing chick?

Yellow-wattled lapwing eggs camouflaged with color spots similar to the nest

How about the lapwing eggs?

Green leaf bird

Where is the green leaf bird?

Cobra moving through bamboo bushes

Do you see the cobra?

Indian rock python moving slowly on dry leaf

Where is the rock python?

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