A Miniature World

by Shannon (thanks to Geetha GT!) – Our postdoc, Geetha, is a true artist.  She regularly performs Scanning Electron Microscopy on insects, and she has become incredibly adept at photographing the microstructures of these organisms in great detail. She has become so skilled that her work has surpassed just science and now has entered the realm of art. I became so inspired by some of her recent images that I artificially colored them as I imagined they might look in an alternate “miniature world”.

Why don’t you enter this amazing world that Geetha has created for us?

See below….


Rainbow (the eye of a hoverfly)


Shoreline (the eyes of a hoverfly)


Caffeine (pollen grains)


Flower (pollen)


Legos (pollen)


Dirt (pollen covered in air pollution on a bee)


Forest (bee antenna)


Sunrise (bee eye)

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