Into the Valley of Death Rode the Mighty Scarab Beetles! But Why?

Weaver ants and beetle 2.JPG

by Santosh Rajus – Watching insects has made me completely lose my mind, they are totally awesome! I was observing a beautiful tree filled with life, and within minutes the weaver ants caught my attention. I walked closer to look at them and there I saw them carrying their eggs, crowded on a branch. At first I thought the weaver ants were just relocating to another nest location. But I was so wrong! They were just holding on to a branch and staying still at one place, waiting as if they were luring something towards them.

What were they waiting for?

And then came the mighty Scarab beetles, swarming around the nest looking for something. The beetles were constantly flying around the nest searching for the entrance and one by one entered the valley of death, which is the weaver ant’s nest. Around 16 entered the nest but none returned! What made the beetles do this? Did the weaver ants catch a female beetle and the rest got lured? Or did the weaver ant master the art of trapping beetles?

See them in action here:

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