Three years at NCBS & NICE

by Srishti Batra – As I am near to completing my third year at NCBS and 2.5 years at NICE LAB. This weekend I was just collecting these years and thinking about what I have achieved. Listing down the things I learned over these years at NICE and NCBS.

  1. Patience: PhD life make one more patient, I don’t feel like killing any instrument now if it’s not working.
  2. Became friendly with insects: I handled more insects in 2.5 years at NICE than I ever did in 25 years of my life. Listing them: silverfish, grasshopper, termites, crickets, cockroaches, beetles, honey bees, moths, mosquitoes, flies.
  3. Electrophysiology techniques.
  4. Science Communication which is vital to everyone doing research. We need to communicate our work to wider audience.
Shannon - 1.png

Srishti’s First Lab Photo from Coorg

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