Nice experience in the NICE Lab (An Intern’s perspective)

Salma PI was an intern in our lab for 3 months as part of her training with the University of Agricultural Sciences, College of Agriculture, Hassan. The NICE lab enjoyed working with her, and wish her much success!

by Salma PI  – I entered the NICE lab with lots of confusion and a lots of hopes. But, after I met the  NICE lab PI, Shannon Olsson, my confusions were cleared and hopes increased. I had the opportunity to meet and work with NICE people in the NICE lab during my internship. I came to know what research is all about, and I never thought of working with insects before. I was not even aware of the diverse topics of ecology. NICE lab members showed me a lot of love and care and I grew affectionate for the lab within 15 days there.

I worked on a project named “Effects of air pollution on field and phagocytic behavior of Apis dorsata”. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to work on this great and interesting project with Dr. Geetha GT, who is a Postdoc in the NICE Lab. At the beginning itself, I came to know that the project also includes field work, and I was scared. But, once it started I really enjoyed the field work. Within those three months I visited Peenya and Lalbhag more than fifteen times each. It was really amazing and interesting.

Shannon also provided me an opportunity to do a staining experiment on my own.  In the NICE lab, I saw how a PI can be so good and helpful. I also saw how everyone was having such an interest and love towards their projects. I was aware of only molecular work before coming to the lab, and I never thought about EAG, GCMS or SEM. Really those techniques are very interesting. And all the lab meetings, annual talks, and student symposiums that I have attended at NCBS were very useful.

In those three months of my internship I learned new things and developed an interest in Entomology. And I enjoyed a lot my time with lab members and visits to different places with Geetha. It was really amazing and interesting.

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