Shoot for Science


Shoot for Science:  Deepak Kakara, Dinesh Yadav, Sukanya Olkar, and Parijat Si

In February, 2017, the NICE Lab had the amazing opportunity for participate in “Shoot for Science”, a world-unique workshop for scientific photography co-organized by Anand Varma and Prasenjeet Yadav from National Geographic. What an honor and privilege it was to view our science on the apple fly through new eyes.  The experience has inspired us to invite designers and artists to be part of our lab as interns.  The exchange between science and art offers tremendous opportunities for both fields to see the world (or a fly!) in a new light.

Read more about the workshop in IndiaBioScience here.

Here are some more images of our research from the Shoot for Science participants:

  One thought on “Shoot for Science

  1. July 13, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Wow simply amazing, showcasing the impeccable blend of science and art, Mr Prasenjeet Yadav is truly a genius. Could have never imagined a minute termite can look so majestic and the idea of monitoring the wingbeats of an apple maggot to decipher the process of locating apple in a vast meadow was just mind boggling. Kudos to all the people who participated in Shoot for Science. Keep up the amazing work.


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