Tangled bank-2 Ecology and Evolution Student Symposium

By Hinal Kharva – Tangled Bank is a symposium organized by the students of NCBS’ Ecology and Evolution labs.  The main agenda is to bring people from different labs together and initiate interactions to discuss our work, ideas, and problems.  This was the second edition of this symposium series. It was a wonderful experience to organize this event along with students from different labs.  Srishti and myself from the NICE lab presented our research projects, where I particularly talked about smell and host preferences in fruit flies (Rhagoletis) and Srishti talked about her recent field work on an Artemisia plantation in Devanahalli, Bangalore.  In addition to the student talks, we had two workshops and a guest lecture. Workshops were conducted by Anand Krishnan on “art of scientific study design” and by Harini Barath on “communicating science through popular media”.

The guest lecture by Prof. Anindya Sinha, from NIAS-Bangalore, was perhaps the best part of this symposium.  For the first time, I was introduced to the beautiful minds of primates (bonnet macaques) through their behavior in the natural environment.  He is one of the scientists who encourages students and provides valuable suggestions on their projects.  I had a chance to meet him and discuss my project as well as how to present scientific work.  I would like to thank Shannon for her continuous encouragement and support in such student activities.


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