Good to see the Flying Foxes…

fruitbat_2by Santosh Rajus – Eight years back, I planted a few trees in my home compound with the hope that I could make a small difference in my hometown. These trees included a fig and a guava tree.

What a joy it is to see these trees filled with life, both during the day and night. What captured my attention was the sighting of the Flying Foxes. I have always noticed them fly over my home in search of food, but how did they find this new tree which has only come up recently?

It is known that they use smell to find food, but from how far can they smell and find their food? Do they navigate and find their food source based on smell first, or is it based on visual guidance or do they just randomly hover over plants and find their food source? Everyday, I am fascinated by nature and its ways!

Do keep planting trees, because every tree you plant today will make a difference in the future!

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