In Remembrance of the Three Musketeers: Whity, Browny and Naughty!

Three Musketeers.JPGLife in field can sometimes be very lonely! But mine was exciting all the way because of the three musketeers: Whity, Browny and Naughty. They were three dogs who I got friendly with during my period of work at field. They were always happy to accompany me as I walked inside the coffee plantation alone, and they would constantly look out for danger and protect me. During my stay, they warned me thrice of the approaching elephants. One night, when an elephant came outside my house to feed on jackfruits and bananas, they stood outside the house, brave and bold! To them, the elephant was just a big cow grazing. When I would work on my experiment, they sat outside waiting for me for hours till I finished. Everyday, they waited for my return from field, faces beaming with happiness, excitement and expectation; and always gave me company when I ate my dinner.

brownyThey definitely made a huge difference during my field work and I am writing about them because I recently got to know that they are no more. Their stories of staying with me and protecting me, when the elephants were hardly 10 meters away, guarding the field setup for hours, and above all, showing unconditional love to a complete stranger (me), is something which needs to be told and remembered always.


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