Dr Shannon Olsson: naturalism, chemistry and neuroscience

Check out Shannon’s conversation with Biotechin.Asia on naturalism, chemistry, and neuroscience. Thanks to Dalia for the interview!


shannon_sub Dr. Shannon Olsson

Dr. Shannon Olsson, a chemical ecologist from Bangalore, first realized her love for the subject, when she isolated a pheromone mimic in her undergraduate chemistry class. From then on began her rare and exciting journey into the world of naturalism, chemistry and neuroscience, which she has used to understand the world around us a bit better. While she has studied and worked in labs all over the world conducting research that cuts across the fine lines between disciplines, she is currently positioned in the NICE lab at NCBS Bangalore as a Principal Investigator, working on deciphering the chemical basis of complex ecological interactions.

fun.gif The NICE lab at NCBS, Bangalore. Photo credit-NICE

I had the privilege to speak to Dr Olsson and interview her about her research, multidimensional science and all things NICE!

What does NICE actually stand for and how nice is the NICE lab?

NICE stands for Naturalist Inspired Chemical Ecology. There’s a…

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