Field Notes from our new Postdoc!

by Geetha – This is the start of something BEAUTIFUL..

My first field visit from the NICE lab is to ITPL.  While exploring Seetharamapalya lake, just next to ITPL, I caught glimpse of very common bees and butterflies.

Well, I was excited to find our darling hoverfly, for which I went there. The crazy thing is, I was not familiar with hoverflies in the field (But thanks to Pragadheesh for showing some images and videos of hoverflies before my field studies). After a long wait, I was able to find a few hoverflies in the highly polluted areas of ITPL also.

While sorting out the specimens in the lab, I happened to notice mites on the wings and thorax of a wasp. This was the best specimen and I was shocked to see a small wasp biting the big wasp’s hind leg. What was going on? Really don’t know.

The observation has become a puzzle. That is precisely what I love about Entomology, though. It is the sciences that keep us in a persistent state of wonder, that force us to think creatively, and challenge our research skills to the maximum.

I am happy to continue my journey in the NICE lab along with the wonderful team. Our lab is one which brings a happy dance at least once in a while… Nice to be a part of this lab..

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