NICE @ Lachen School, North Sikkim

by VS Pragadheesh – Recently, the NICE lab visited Government Secondary School, Lachen, North Sikkim and talked with the young minds of the Himalayas. The long discussion with Pragadheesh covered chemical cues of insects, pollination, hoverflies, sunflowers, horticulture and so on. The students at 2900 metre high were: Sunil Bhutia, Tashi N Lachenpa, Chakey L Lachenpa, Baichung Bhutia, Chewang D Lachenpa, Sonam K Lachenpa, Sudeshna Chetri, Kalawady Manger, Pema T Lachenpa, Tshering C Lachenpa and Tenzing D Lachenpa. All were very much interested about biological and ecological research.  We hope they will continue their interest and preserve and promote the amazing beauty of the Himalayas in their bright futures!
All the best Lachen School!
Lachen school

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