Adorable Arachnids!

by Sriraksha Bhagavan – Are you someone who hates spiders or is scared of them? Have a look at these tiny, punk-haired eight-legged guys. They are adorable and cute!!

During my field work at Coffee plantations, apart from the beetle that I work on, something else caught my attention. Jumping from one leaf to another, hunting on tiny bugs around, and hiding behind the leaves, these Salticids kept me amazed!! They are somehow less creepy compared to a Tarantula 🙂

When I got closer to these guys they lived up to their name, with a super quick jump they vanish. I got curious and looked around for more, and each species I saw for the first time is a tiny jewel. They had pretty huge, glossy, beautiful 8 eyes (4 on the front and 4 at the back) that seemed to follow wherever I moved.

The next time you see a jumping spider, do not get scared. It is more interested hunting its prey than biting you!!


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