One of the tasks of NCBS faculty is that we are also part of support committees for various aspects of campus life.  I (Shannon) am on the creche committee, which is our day care for 70 children aged 6 months to 9 years. Managing and caring for this number of children every day is a monumental task, but the teachers, caregivers, and manager of Dolna, Bhuvana Omesh, do this with dedication and exceptional grace.  If you want to see something extraordinary, you should visit our creche around lunchtime, when the staff manages to feed, entertain, and clean 17 infants simultaneously.  They are a wonder.

In addition, Bhuvana and staff plan wonderful activities for the creche, from horseback riding to gardening.  Today, they had a really wonderful surprise for the children – a private reading in one of our lecture halls from the award winning illustrator and author, Rob Biddulph. He also gave them an illustration tutorial after reading his book, “Blown Away“, all via video conference. What a joy to see those sweet little faces engage with a wonderful story told a continent away!

Here is Rob’s reaction:

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