The Scent of a Man

Our research on Blackbuck with Jyothi Nair in Uma Ramakrishnan’s Lab was recently featured in a wonderful NCBS News article by Anusha Krishnan! Source: The scent of a man: what odors do female blackbuck find enticing in a male? | NCBS News

NICE LIVE Experiment!

Tune in this Friday at 2:00 pm at our Facebook Page for a LIVE STREAMING EXPERIMENT – See how we perform surgery on a brain that’s the size of a pinhead, and how studying insect minds helps us learn about our own. Click here for details:

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The Queen of Chemical Ecology


by Srinivas Rao – It has been since almost 3 years since I joined as a technical person to handle Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) Instrument.

My journey in this lab started with the Jyothi Nair’s Project of Blackbuck samples from Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan’s  lab and followed by more than 10+ collaborative works in progress.

It gives me an immense pleasure to work on samples from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from dung piles of Blackbuck, Coffee plants, Tecoma flowers,  Wood samples, Transgenic potato and tomato plants, Essential oils of Artemisia extracts, Species of oak borer larva, Butterfly caterpillars, Areca nut beetles, Volatiles collected from interactions between  endophytic Trichoderma sp. fungi, Butterfly pheromones, Cuticular hydrocarbons from Honeybees, Insect pheromones, Mosquito repellants, and more!

With a wide range of samples to work on,, I am excited to analyze the VOCs from different species of plants and animals to know much more aspects about their chemistry and biology, which in turn, open new and exciting opportunities for empirical research in Chemical Ecology.

Let’s look at the number of samples so far:

It has been 03 years  that our Instrument has been functioning, till now the samples run is:

2015: 1201 samples
2016: 2700
2017: 2257
2018: 798 and counting!

With more than 6000+ samples analyzed from dawn to dusk, this robust GCMS Instrument shall be the Queen of Chemical Ecology!