Eating Granny’s Hair: A bit of Kitchen Science from a Kannadiga Pushcart

by Pavan Kaushik – As a kid from the 90’s, my evenings were spent waiting for the ting-ting-ting of the bells of pushcart vendors. They used to sell ice lollies (flavored sugar syrup which is frozen in long cylindrical plastic wrappers) and bhel puri (puffed rice flavored with spices, onions, tomatoes and some crunchies). But my favorite vendor was the…

Ethics in Science

by Srishti Batra – By the dictionary definition, ethics is “moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity”. From a young age, we are taught importance of ethics and morals in our life for better living and the general good of society. We are taught not cheat others, but we all know that cheaters do exist…

The Scent of a Man

Our research on Blackbuck with Jyothi Nair in Uma Ramakrishnan’s Lab was recently featured in a wonderful NCBS News article by Anusha Krishnan! Source: The scent of a man: what odors do female blackbuck find enticing in a male? | NCBS News

NICE LIVE Experiment!

Tune in this Friday at 2:00 pm at our Facebook Page for a LIVE STREAMING EXPERIMENT – See how we perform surgery on a brain that’s the size of a pinhead, and how studying insect minds helps us learn about our own. Click here for details:

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